How to design a small laundry room?

Aug 19, 2021 Room design
How to design a small laundry room

A small laundry room can be a cramped space if the furniture is too large and the cabinets too boxy. To add movement, consider a chic peel and stick wallpaper or a herringbone pattern. You should limit the pattern to one wall. Wrapping appliances in wood will protect them from scratches and provide a flat folding surface. If you want an earthy, bohemian feel, leave the wood cabinets unfinished. Finish the look with potted plants.

Black and white color scheme

A classic black and white color scheme for a small laundry room makes the space seem larger. This color combination is a staple of modern design and is also suitable for small rooms. A white wall provides balance and gives the room a farmhouse-style feel. A pop of red will lift your spirits, but will not make the room look overpowering. Incorporate a red bench or a red rug to create a colorful yet comfortable space.

A spritzy acidic yellow like Laser Lemon (P290-7) from Behr is a great choice for this space. This color closely mimics the color of sunlight in a small room, and gives a surprisingly cheery vibe to a rather utilitarian space. This color can also work well with bright sky blue and pale peachy beige. For a more subtle color scheme, you can use a neutral color scheme.

If you want to keep the color scheme simple, you can use a combination of natural wood floors and white painting. The natural wood floor will make the space feel cozier, and you can use natural baskets to store your detergents. To prevent the upper area from looking empty, use natural baskets for storage. In addition to white, blue is a great color for a laundry room and can also help create a summery vibe. Cream is also a warm color that doesn’t look orange.

Stackable washer and dryer

When putting in a new stackable washer and dryer in a small laundry, keep in mind that the door of the machine takes up around 22 inches, and the washing machine takes up around 24 inches. If you can’t make room for a larger unit, you can always opt for a smaller unit. Moreover, there are also units that can be stacked together, and some of them have built-in shelves that add more space to the room.

To fit a stackable washer and dryer in a small laundry, first measure the closet. It should be at least 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep. Then, choose the stackable washer and dryer that fits in that space. Then, make sure that you have ample space to place additional storage cabinets and shelves. If space is still not sufficient, you can use the space to fit a folding station or a storage cabinet. In some cases, you can squeeze in the machine into a niche or hide it with a curtain.

Alternatively, you can also install a front-loading stackable washer and dryer. The latter requires a larger space than the former and requires a support structure. Stackables are a great space-saving solution. For example, you don’t need to spend time going to the laundromat anymore. The small space will save you from having to drive to the laundromat.

Accent wall

If you have a tiny laundry room, an accent wall is the perfect way to spice things up without taking up too much space. The trick is to choose a wall color that does not compete with the other colors in the room. A small laundry room is usually a blank canvas that is perfect for accenting. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. Listed below are some ideas for accent walls for small laundry rooms.

Industrial style. The walls of this laundry room are covered in black cabinets with a metal tension rod and industrial bulb pendants. Open shelving and a gray floor balance out the rustic look. The black cabinetry has been accented with bronze fixtures. An industrial-style light fixture, hanging above the sink, adds an accent to the laundry room. For the floor, oversized tiles create an optical illusion. In addition, small mosaic tile accents create a visual impact.

Brightening the space with a bright accent color is essential for a bright, cheery feel. Depending on the type of lighting in the room, blue-toned white, pale blue, and periwinkle are great choices for a laundry room. These colors are best suited for traditional, coastal, or modern aesthetics. They also work well with neutral or warm shades. The accent wall will be the focal point in the laundry room and will help you finish the space.


A small laundry room is often overlooked for its design potential. Small and functional, it is often cluttered, with nothing more to offer than a drab, uninteresting look. Using wallpaper to dress up a small laundry room can give it a fresh new look while honoring current design trends. Here are some tips to help you choose the right wallpaper for your laundry room. It may be time to change the wallpaper in your laundry room.

Monochromatic rooms can be open and airy with a light color. Try wallpaper that has a metal-effect or damask pattern. Using wallpaper on a small space can also help it adhere to the walls more easily. Make sure to use a fan to help the wallpaper dry quickly and stay in place. If you’re unsure of what to choose, consider hiring a professional wallpaper installer to help you choose the right colors and patterns. He or she will also be able to provide you with tips on maintaining the wallpaper’s beauty over time.

Choose wallpaper that evokes a sense of place. A small laundry room is often hidden away, but it can make the space feel more inviting. Wallpaper can make a laundry room appear larger, or a small laundry room can be a discreet spot for cleaning clothes. Use a colorful wallpaper to add a splash of color and flair. A multi-colored design can also make the room feel more inviting. A small laundry room can be made more cheerful with wallpaper that features bold colors.

Storage solutions

If you have a small laundry room, there are storage solutions for this space that are functional and decorative. You can make your laundry room look neater by incorporating baskets. These decorative, yet functional, storage solutions are a great way to hide laundry supplies. You can even add hooks and shelves to organize your supplies. Using baskets as storage can help you save space in your laundry room. However, you should consider a few design tips before buying storage solutions for a small laundry room.

One idea is to use plastic crates as storage. These can be screwed to the wall studs for extra support. Use fender washers on the upper corner of each crate to add more strength to it. You can also stack several plastic crates to save space and keep things from tipping over. If you don’t have any space to spare on the wall, you can consider purchasing front-loading appliances to save on space.

Another great idea is to maximize the vertical space in the laundry room. Using a wall-mounted wire storage rack is an excellent solution for storing small items. You can even use it to store detergent and dryer sheets. You can even use it to keep orphan socks and lingerie, if necessary. You can also use a chalkboard label to keep track of what you are storing. A small laundry room can look very unorganized, but with the right storage solutions, you can make it a beautiful hub of activity.

Creating a welcoming space

While the traditional laundry room is a functional space, there are ways to make it feel more homey and inviting. The color palette is neutral, so it is possible to use bright colors and patterns without overwhelming the space. White is the color of cleanliness, and it can open up a small laundry room and feel spacious and airy. It is also an excellent color for small laundry rooms, as it can be paired with other neutral colors and be very versatile.

To make the space feel more homey, use woven or wicker storage. You can use a wicker hamper to hold dirty towels and fabric storage stands for other items. You can even add a decorative piece to the laundry room by placing it near the appliances. A corner shelving unit provides additional space and can also be used to display decorative items. You can also utilize unused wall space by installing floating shelves.

Another great way to make a small laundry room look bigger is to use cool toned colors. For example, blue and gray will visually recede from the eyes and make the room appear larger. By focusing on these colors, you can use accessories such as framed photos and greenery to make the space feel warmer and more inviting. You can even incorporate pieces of storage such as baskets and crates into the decor, such as a framed picture or a plant.

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